We’ve rebranded! And we’re so excited about it.

While our original packaging has served us well the last few years, we knew from the very beginning that we would outgrow it. It did a great job of highlighting the benefits of the cookies – gluten free, vegan, soy free, non-GMO, made with great ingredients – but it didn’t do a good job of conveying the fun and playfulness that is part of our brand. Our recipe came about in the family kitchen, having fun experimenting with recipes and having a good time. We wanted our packaging to reflect that.

We also wanted a future-focused logo. Our very first logo said “Maxine’s Heavenly Vegan Cookies” and then later it was shortened to “Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies”. But we aren’t a vegan cookie company or even really a cookie company. We are a company that focuses on creating nutritious food with clean ingredients. And right now, that means a product line of cookies. But who knows what the future will hold? We knew that to grow into the company we want to be that we needed a change.

And so, we called up Paul and Camila.

Paul and Camila! Tell us about yourselves.
For starters, we’re actually a couple. But we started out as coworkers who became friends, and friends who became roommates and well, the rest is history.

Currently we are working as brand consultants, for a variety of companies. Anything from baby food to high end spirits, and pretty much everything in between. Chances are you have at least one product or brand that one (or both) of us has worked on in your home.

We specialize in brand identity and package design, with a particular fondness for custom typography. We’re venturing out on our own now so that we have more freedom to work with clients we love and to better utilize our talents.

What companies do you want to work for and why was Maxine’s such a great fit?
For us, it’s really important to believe in your clients and your clients’ products to truly do your best work. It can be a real waste of everyone’s time if you’re working with clients/brands you don’t believe in. So we really just want to produce great work for companies we’re passionate about and help them to succeed. We’re also pretty (or maybe extremely) health conscious ourselves, so naturally we’re drawn to brands that look out for the well-being of the consumer. Companies that aren’t untrue or making bogus claims, like um, Organic Gatorade. But things seem to be changing for the better. There are a lot of great brands doing some goods things now, so it would be cool to be a part of that.

Maxine’s for us was one of these brands. They have a story that really resonated with us. And they also have an awesome product and were great to work with. Not to mention it didn’t hurt that we both have a sweet tooth. So in the end everything aligned just right and the results speak for themselves.

How did you evolve the Maxine’s brand? What did you retain from the old look and what are your thoughts on the new design?
Well, when we started we thought Maxine’s had a great tone of voice established already. You could see from the language on the website that there was sort of a fun, cheeky personality there. The previous packaging wasn’t really highlighting that so we definitely wanted to bring it out in the new design.

We did want to maintain the bold, vibrant colors and the language, while bringing the look to a more visually appealing, modern and fresh place. We brought in more of the personality and playfulness that we saw was already there in the brand – it just needed to come out for the world to see.

We think the updated look captures the high quality, health aspect of the product, but still remains fun, light, and optimistic. So we’re really happy with how it all turned out.

What were your favorite parts of this project?
We love the overall playfulness of the brand. There’s a lightheartedness that connects all parts of the brand – tying into the company name, the product itself, and the language. So it was great having the opportunity to bring that feeling to life through the design.

We also really liked working with the Maxine’s team because it’s clear that they appreciate good design. It’s easy for the process to get diluted and the art to get lost when there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. When working with Maxine’s, it was really not only the perfect amount of people, but they also were very much a part of the creative process. They really understood the process and valued the thought and creativity that went into every step. We’re super grateful to have worked with such a great team.

What do you want people to take away from the design?
We want people to take away that this is a healthier cookie, made with clean, quality ingredients, but still tastes really f’in good. It doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk, and we like that.

How can folks get in touch with you guys?
Well unfortunately we don’t have a website up just yet but we’re working hard at it! In the meantime, we can be reached here.

We’re super excited to begin this next chapter and look forward to what’s to come…


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