Meet The Team: Robert Petrarca

Meet the team at Maxine's Heavenly! Next up is the head honcho, Robert Petrarca!


Name: Robert Petrarca

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Current town: Austin, TX

Favorite MH Cookie: I love all my children equally, I am not falling for this trap.


Job at Maxines: CEO 

What you like best about working at Maxines: The people, the product, and the constant inspiration. Honestly, Maxine’s is a dream!

Coolest thing you/ve ever done: Spent seven days cycling through Croatia, seeing hundreds of miles of the country.

Favorite Family Recipe:  My grandmother’s chicken cutlets, hands down. When I became vegan, she “veganized” these for me, and they were honestly just as good. 

Favorite Tradition:  Each year for my birthday, I go somewhere I’ve never been. Crafting these adventures, seeing the world, and meeting new people along the way has been life-changing. I honestly am a “yes man” when it comes to travel. Don’t ask me to join you on an adventure unless you really mean it, because odds are I’ll say yes.

Favorite holiday and why: Thanksgiving, because I love cooking. And usually it gives me an opportunity to introduce people to incredible vegan Thanksgiving dishes.

Secret Talent: I play piano and I can make balloon animals. Watch out!



Your heavenly Moment: A cup of coffee with a group of friends after a delicious meal (with cookies, of course)

Favorite Quote: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott


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