Meet the Team: Samia Naciri

Meet the team at Maxine's Heavenly! Next up is the woman who keeps things running smoothly, Samia Naciri!

samia naciri

Name: Samia Naciri

Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco 


Current town: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Maxine's Heavenly Cookie: Chocolate Chip Crispy / Mint Chocolate Chip 

Job at Maxines: Director of Operations and Supply

What you like best about working at Maxines: The team

Coolest thing you/ve ever done: Working and living in 3 different continents and more than 10 cities

Favorite Family Recipe: Back to my Moroccan roots here, I love a tagine of lamb, caramelized dried prunes and fried almonds. It’s SOO tasty and the mix of savory and sweet, juiciness of the meat and crunchiness of the almond, rich flavor of the sauce is exquisite.

Favorite Tradition:  Opening a bottle of champagne every 1st of the year and writing down on the cork one thing I’d like to focus on for the year. 2021 was patience for me. 

Favorite holiday and why: Christmas… time for me to go back to France and gather with my loved one. Love being with the family, sharing a good meal and some good moments. I love all the Christmas decorations, lights, shops and markets… it’s the most beautiful time of the year, isn’t it? 

Secret Talent: Hard one to answer… Playing the flute. I can still play the French national anthem.

Your heavenly Moment: Being in nature, hiking or swimming in a lake or beach and enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends. 

Favorite Quote: “Live this life as a traveler” 


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