We believe that everyone should have equal access to high quality, nutritious, whole foods. And we believe the most impactful way to give back is to work with the experts in our own community.

So we partner with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) to support their mission of ensuring food is healthy, affordable, fair, and sustainable for all.
The Healthy Snack Coalition
Maxine’s Heavenly has teamed up with LAFPC and Sunbox Market to bring healthy snacks to corner markets. We are currently piloting the program at Lupita’s Market near downtown LA and Hank’s Mini Market in South LA.

More details to come as we learn and grow the program!
The Healthy Neighborhood Market Network Program (HNMN)
The Healthy Snack Coalition works under the banner of the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network Program. HNMN helps neighborhood market owners operate as successful healthy food retailers in under-served communities:

  • Grow their business and improve their store
  • Attract new customers and cater to the local community
  • Successfully vend healthy food products
  • Grow within their industry and grow their community network
There are several levels of assistance, from classes and consulting, all the way to full transformation projects.
You Can Help!
You can help bring good food to areas that need it.

  • Round up when you purchase cookies from our store. Just a few extra cents can really add up! We give 100% of the proceeds to LAFPC.
  • Donate directly to the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.
  • Spread the word! Start simply by following @hnmnetwork and @lagoodfood on Instagram.

If you are a healthy snack company or an agency that wants to help with corner store transformations (product donations, financial assistance, furniture and display donations, etc.), please get in touch with us or LAFPC.