11 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets may be one of the best gifts on the planet, but they aren't always great on your stomach. But the idea of a healthy Easter basket sounds like a great way to ruin all the fun. 

Or does it?

Luckily, there's a lot of great tasting chocolates, cookies, sweets, and other non-food items that can make up a fantastic Easter basket that kids and adults alike will enjoy. 

Yes...adult Easter baskets. EVERYONE SHOULD GET AN EASTER BASKET (see above re: best gift).

Below are a few items that you can use to put together a delicious, guilt-free Easter basket. 

1. Nelly’s Organic Bars

Once you’ve had Nelly’s candy bars, you won’t want to eat the well-known brand names anymore. Super clean label and delicious. We're big fans of the Peanut Butter Coconut flavor, but you really can't go wrong with any of them.

2. “Other” Cups

It’s hard to imagine Easter without Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. These days, there are alternatives like Justin’s, Eating Evolved Organic Coconut Butter Cups, and Free2Be Sun Cups.

3. Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies

Made with ingredients like whole grain oats and heart-healthy flax, our cookies have less sugar and more nutrition than most cereals and bars. But they still taste decadent and delicious.

We suggest the individually wrapped Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookies. First because chocolate is the best thing ever, second because it's the best thing ever to put in an Easter basket, and third because the grab and go size fits well in smaller baskets.

If you're building a large Easter basket (because you're awesome), you might consider a whole box of Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookies. Or perhaps our brand new crispy Chocolate Chip cookies!

Maxine's Heavenly Easter basket

4. Hu Chocolate

Yes, this list is chocolate-heavy). AS IT SHOULD BE. Hu Chocolate is delicious and not made from crap ingredients.!

5. Fruit Snacks

There are better-for-you options now in the fruit snacks/fruit leather department. Check out Veggie-Gos – their strips are made only with fruits and vegetables!

6. Beanfields Snacks

Not everything has to be sugary! Beanfields are AMAZING snacks when you want salty over sweet. Clean label chips, what’s better than that?

7. Games

Who says Easter baskets have to include only candy? The type of game depends on the age of the basket-receiver, but I will highly suggest Settlers of Catan Dice Game (Settlers is the best game ever and the dice game is small enough to fit into a basket) and classics like UNO.


No, not the abominable snowman. YETI makes a really great vacuum-sealed tumbler. They keep drinks cold for hours and hours and hours and it really makes drinking so much more enjoyable.

For little ones, consider the 10 oz Rambler. 

9. Self-Care Products

These kind of gifts are perfect, because people always want self-care products, but are often reluctant to buy them because they seem extravagant. It may be an aromatherapy candle, a fancy lotion or face mask, or even a gift certificate for a massage. 

For the younger folks, this can be things like coloring books, a jump rope, nail polish, or art supplies.

10. Books

Books are gifts that keep on giving. This is another category that depends on the age of the receiver as well as the tastes. You can never go wrong with Harry Potter though.

11. An Experience Coupon

This is especially great for kids. Let them know that you’re taking them to the zoo, to their favorite amusement park, to the science museum, etc. Have a specific date in mind so they can get excited and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of life.


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