Our Cookies
What's in your cookies?
How many calories, grams of sugar, etc. are in your cookies?
I'm allergic to ( fill in the blank ) ... is your product safe for me?
What certifications do you have?
Are your cookies organic?
Do you use Fair Trade chocolate?
Is there a difference between palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil?
You use coconut sugar. I don't like coconut. I won't like these cookies.
How much sugar is in your cookies?
My store-of-choice doesn't carry Maxine's Heavenly. What can I do?
Do you offer free samples or coupons?
Can I write about you on my blog/publication/social media channel?
Cookie Club Questions
Can I change what goes in my order from month to month?

Sure can. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your account here (or click the person icon in the upper right corner)
  • Click Manage Subscription (in green on the right)”
  • You can change the frequency by clicking the link under Frequency
  • You can change a bunch of things by clicking Manage:
    • Change your credit card info
    • Update your address
    • Update shipping method
    • Change upcoming order date
    • See when your next orders are set to ship
    • View financial transaction
    • Change the quantity of items you receive
    • Add new products to your subscription
    • Manage your discount codes
  • If you run into any issues, email for help.

Can I cancel my membership?