Mom’s Treats Made for Today

Our mom, Maxine, made the best cookies.

Her famous cookies brought family and friends together: to top off a delicious meal, to celebrate a special occasion, or to simply commune over the joys and challenges of life.

Our family loved the cookies, but over time, not the ingredients.

What we know about better eating has changed so much since Maxine made that first batch.

So we figured why not bring what we know to what we love?

We started with Maxine’s beloved recipe, and substituted ingredients one by one, taking out all the processed flours and sugars, gluten, animal products and, with them, all the empty calories.

We replaced them each with better-for-you alternatives that preserved that special taste while making the cookie nutrient-rich and guilt-free.

The result was so good, we decided to start a company!

With Maxine’s Heavenly, you can feel good about what you're eating, and make your own special moments with those that bring you joy and comfort in life.

Welcome to our family

Pull up a seat at the table!

We set out to create not only the healthiest cookies you can buy, but the most delicious cookies you could buy as well. It was imperative to us that our cookies taste like mom’s homemade, even when we were swapping in healthier ingredients. We think Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are the best cookies outside of your own kitchen. For homemade taste that you can get at the store, shop Maxine’s Heavenly.

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