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Made for More to Enjoy

Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.
In addition they are mostly free of the top 8 allergens:

Are your cookies healthy?

While we use the term "healthy cookies" from time to time, we are aware that health means different things to different people.

In general, we view a healthy cookie to mean one made with nutritious, natural ingredients and without empty calories. We are particularly proud that we have made such delicious cookies from natural sugars. Many cookies that are marketed as healthy are made with highly refined sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol that your body can't digest.

So, yes, we think we are a healthy cookies. What we are not is:
- A weight loss cookie
- A paleo cookie
- A keto cookie
- A low calorie cookie
- A low carb cookie

Those things in and of themselves aren't necessarily healthy.

Are these cookies good for diabetics?

We don't claim to be a diabetic-friendly cookie. Decisions about what you eat should be made with your doctor.

That said, the sugars we use are low glycemic, and the fiber and nutritients in both the sugars and cookies help slow down the metabolizing process. We have heard from some diabetics that our cookies do not spike their blood sugar, but we suggest you talk to your doctor before trying them.

Are these cookies made with 100% unrefined, natural sugar?

We use coconut sugar and dates to sweeten our cookies. These are unrefined, lower glycemic sugars that don't cause a sugar spike/crash and are as close to the original plant as you can get.

Faced with the alternatives of using refined, high glycemic table sugar or alternative sugars that can cause an aftertaste and stomach upset, we felt that using these coconut sugar and dates was the most natural way to sweeten our treats.

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of a coconut palm tree and does not taste like oconut at all.

Please note that our chocolate chunks currently contain organic cane sugar. We have found it challenging to source reasonably priced chocolate chunks without cane sugar, though our team is working diligently on this. In the meantime, we use chocolate chunks with organic cane sugar. While it is refined somewhat, it has not been refined using chemicals or bleaching, which is the top priority for us and the main reason we dislike regular white sugar. All of our non-chocolate flavors are made with fully unrefined sugars.

Are your oats glyphosate free?

Yes, our oats are glyphosate free.

In addition, our cookies are certified gluten free. This gluten free certification is more strict than purity protocol when it comes to gluten control. GFCO requires products to contain less than 10 ppm gluten. For comparison, the FDA allows the gluten free label for any finished goods containing less than 20 ppm.

Are your cookies organic?

We provide as many ingredients as we can in an organic form. The pricing of organic ingredients make it nearly impossible for us to create a cookie right now that is affordable. But as we grow, and the economies of scale make it possible, we hope to transition to all organic.

Are you cookies low sugar?

Low is relative, but each cookie has about 5 grams of sugar. In addition, we sweeten our cookies with low-glycemic coconut sugar and dates. To put that in perspective:

One half of a Lenny & Larry’s cookie has 14 grams (cane sugar)

One Pepperidge Farm Montauk cookie has 12g sugar (dextrose, sugar, fructose, brown sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup solids)

One Tate's Bakeshop cookie has 12g sugar (Cane Sugar, Brown Cane Sugar)

Three Oreos have 14g sugar (sugar and high fructose corn syrup)

Two Chewy Chips Ahoy have 12g sugar (high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, sugar)

Our cookies are a treat and taste sweet, but they aren’t a sugar bomb.

Why do you use Palm Oil?

We know the use of palm oil is a hot button issue, and we take sustainability seriously. Palm fruit oil is the most sustainable oil on earth when produced responsibly. It produces the highest yield per square foot and uses the least amount of resource to make.

We use RSPO Certified Palm Oil. RSPO is the gold standard certification for sustainable production of palm oil.

You can learn more about why we use Palm Oil here.



Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are sweetened with natural, unrefined sugars.
These naturally delicious sugars are a great alternative to highly refined sweeteners.

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergy-Friendly Cookies

Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are vegan, gluten free, and mostly free of the top 8 allergens. We have both nut-free cookies and cookies with nuts, so please choose carefully if you have allergies.

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