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Favorite cookie of all time!

I love this cookie. For a gluten-free cookie it’s amazing. Actually, for any type of cookie, it’s amazing! Just the right amount of sweetness with big chunks of chocolate and a dusting of crumble peppermint stick. Really divine!

Walnut Banana Bread
Kathryn L.J.
My favorite!

These have become my FAVORITE Maxine’s cookies! I wish they were available year-round!

It’s almost gone already!

The cookies are delicious and almost gone, my grandson loves them he asked to come over just for the cookies lol he took two boxes and went home.

Most delicious vegan cookies

I love these mint chocolate cookies! Most delicious vegan cookies on the market!

Minty Good

Fantastic Chocolate Mint Vegan cookie with chunks of chocolate and made with Coconut sugar which my body likes.

My second fave flavor

Subtle mint and the perfect amount of chocolate. Definitely tastes more decadent than the calories reflect!

Can’t believe they’re so good!

I love just about everything chocolate mint. These are tasty, snack sized, moist, and sweet without being too sweet. The quality of the ingredients definitely shines. I like having a healthier alternative to the cookies I could buy in a bakery or on most grocery store shelves.

Best cookie with natural ingredience

Love the wholesomeness of the flavors and natural ingredient in these cookies. I have tried 4 different flavors and they are all amazing. Being a professional athlete I need good nutrition with a little sweet here and there for energy and to put a smile on my face!!! :)..

Chocolate Chip
Shannon P.
Crispy cookies

my uncle represents these cookies and brought them over and they are absolutely delicious!!! best crispy cookie i’ve ever had. so hard to just eat one pack!

Favorite Cookies

My Gran use to make cookies similar to these and they were a favorite in our home. My Gran passed away a few years ago. These cookies reminds of spending time with her and enjoying her cookies. That is why these are my favorite cookies.


These are the perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate . They melt in your mouth and will satisfy your craving! I've tried every variety and this is my favorite. The new packaging keeps them from breaking so that's a plus!

Holly Jolly Ultimate Holiday Gift Box
Marcia N.

Holly Jolly Ultimate Holiday Gift Box

Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Box
Clark L.
good cookies

The cookies were very good.

Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies

These cookies are absolutely delicious! The combination of chocolate and peppermint cannot be beat!

Chocolate Chip
Millie M.
Really tasty chocolate chip cookies😊

For healthier made cookies these are very good and satisfying! It’s an evening treat to not feel guilty about.

Holly Jolly Ultimate Holiday Gift Box
Antonio F.
Ordered cookies for my girlfriend sister aunt daughter and my girlfriends daughter my girlfriend ...

Everyone loved them thank you

Super yummy!!

Arrived quickly and super delicious!! Real chunks of chocolate and just the right amount of peppermint. Very moist! I appreciate the low calories and healthy ingredients. They didn’t last long, they were so good! Have since purchased other flavors and they’re just as good!

Crispy Cookies Bundle

Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Box
Jennifer H.
Great Co-Worker Gift

I bought these as gifts for some of my co-workers. I actually re-stuffed the stockings so that each one had one package of each cookie flavor (then kept the extra for myself :). Everyone loved person gushed "These cookies are great! Where did you find them?". I was happy to direct her to your website.

Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Box
Mary P.
Best Cookies In The World!!!!!

These are the most amazing cookies that are healthy for you yet full of the most delicious ingredients and flavors!!!!!! Jump on board everyone and try yourself some…you WILL NOT regret it!!!!!

Pumpkin Pecan Spice
Rhonda B.

These pumpkin cookies were delicious!! I'm sure I will be buying more!!!

Seasons Greetings Classic Holiday Gift Box
jennifer s.
Dad loved the cookies and presentation.


Pumpkin Pecan Spice
Kathryn L.J.
Love the new Pumpkin Pecan Spice

I tried the Pumpkin Pecan Spice cookies for the holidays and wow! They now have become my favorite! I have all the other flavors as well.

Pumpkin Pecan Spice
Diane W.
Pumpkin pecan spice

I love it, it's now my favorite cookie! The spices are so well balanced and the cookie is soft and tender!

Love the almond cookies!! The to-go bags are perfect when you want a healthy snack in a hurry, grab a banana and a to-go cookie bag to start a busy day