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Online Only Bundle

Very tasy but small for the amount of carbs

I thought the choolate chocolate chunk was pretty good,but small for the amount of carbs in it!

Mint Chocolate Chunk

Cookies are so fresh and delicious! Well worth the x- tra couple bucks., Will definitely order again! ...yummmy 😋

Almond Chocolate Chunk

I got these for my husband but to my surprise they were really good. I most definitely will be purchasing these again.
Thank you

Excellent product

I loved my order for very delicious cookies! Great someone still desires to make an excellent, valued product for the consumer!


I was really surprised at the taste.My husband is diabetic so I thought these would be a good option for him.I tried as well and very surprised at how good these cookies are.Fresh,soft and chewy.

Wonderful cookies

Due to health reasons, I can no longer eat gluten or dairy. I’ve tried other cookies and most of them taste terrible to me. These cookies are really great. They’re nice and crispy and have good flavor. I appreciate finding them and will enjoy every bite while eating them. Thanks so much!

Heavenly is Right

Like all Maxine’s Heavenly chunky cookies, the almond choc chunk is scrumptious. Very much like a homemade cookie, and perfect for my vegan friends.

Yummy, Low Sugar Cookies!

I have loved every flavor I have tried! I can't wait until it's pumpkin spice season again.

I like crispy cookies and very good taste.


Best cookies ever. Moist, flavorful. love them. Thank you for introducing us to your terrific cookies.

They're okay

The cookies were all broken up when they arrived. That I am very dissatisfied with. The taste is okay for the price I definitely expected more and better quality. I would not purchase again.

Chocolate Chip
Monica A.

The cookies are delicious, crispy with excellent flavor!


Product great but not a great experience

Only 2 stars for disappointment. It stated on website delivered by Mother’s Day but it wasn’t. My 85 year old Mama didn’t have her gift on Mother’s Day. When they arrived on Monday, they were all out of the tray and misshapen. None of this affected the taste and that is a 5 star so I have a 3 star average.

Hi Linda, we don't offer expedited shipping at the moment, so we did not advertise arrival by Mother's Day. I'm sorry if something we said led you to believe that, I'm sure it was very disappointing. We do hope to offer faster shipping at some point.

I'm glad you like the taste, but are also sorry to hear about the packaging. I will let the team know, so we can work on making this better in the future. Thank you for your feedback.

Very different

I was really excited to receive my order of cookies. When opening and tasting them I was very disappointed. They tasted very strange with an oily weird taste. Needless to say I did not enjoy the taste at all..... I even offered the to a family member and she said they were crisp but very greasy and had a weird taste. I ordered a four pack the chocolate chip were the same oily, and strange tasting. It took them almost 2 weeks to come when ordered they said I should receive them within 2- 5 days which was not true. I think they were rancid from the delayed shipping. Overall I am not satisfied with the purchase.

Maxine’s Crispy Cookies are amazing

The cookies have fantastic flavor and I love the crispiness!! They're made with real ingredients, so you can feel good eating them. Everyone should give them a try.

Cookies are amazing but don't travel well in shipping

I love these cookies (probably too much) and was so excited to be able to order them in this variety bundle. However as I am opening packages, I am finding them jostled and broken into pieces. I have connected with your Cust Srvc team for replacements. I think the flavors with Chocolate are my favorites

The Best Cookies Ever

Our family is so delighted that we gave you a try. We Love these cookies. Looking forward to the next batch.


These Cinnamon Speculoos Crunch cookies are addictive! I need to order more because I just ate the last one......... 😩

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk (Grab & Go)

The chocolate are my favorite. The rest are yummy too. Since I have been having trouble controlling my sugar levels it’s to soon to see if they are good for me since I just got them yesterday in mail. I would definitely purchase them again if they work out. They satisfy your cravings!!

Good Anytime

These cookies have just the right crunch. I like to eat them for breakfast with coffee.

Grab & Go Variety Sampler

Delicious - Not too sweet.