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They really are delicious. Low in sugar, but still a great tasting cookie.

Great taste not too sweet

⭐️ Gluten Free

I was craving “Nutter Butters” and sent my partner to Sprouts to try and find a gluten free peanut butter sandwich cookie I had found online.
They were out of stock.
She picked these for me instead.
And these were a wonderful substitute ! I wasn’t even really in need of the chocolate, but OMG!
The chocolate in these cookies is decadent! I
Along with the peanut chunks!
And they are SOFT!
I can’t wait to get another box of these and try some of the other flavors available.
Thank you!! I needed comfort food, and these were perfect.


I have only tried two flavors so far and they are delicious.

Love them

Make more flavors!


I really enjoyed each bite and placed a excellent rating on Facebook. I receive a lot of "I am going to try them"


All in crumbs

Decadent crispy chocolate chip

I rarely write reviews. But I just have to warm people about the crispy chocolate chip cookies: these cookies are so good that it is absolutely impossible to stop at one serving size. I love that they are packaged into individual servings but I cannot stop at eating one package. I’m addicted 😫 and all self-Disziplin went out the window when these arrived. I haven’t tried the cinnamon speculoos crunch yet … but chocolate chip is absolutely irresistible… I ate both boxes in two days 😫😫😫😫 and I’m usually very good about not going overboard …

Chocolate Chip
Bonnie H.
Good but were damaged during shipping

The cookies were good but the outer box they were packed in was crushed on one side. The box the cookies were in was only wrapped in paper so the one side of the box was a bit crushed as well. It didn’t seem that bad but there wasn’t a single cookie that was still in one piece. The least damaged was in 3 pieces. The worst was pretty much crumbs. If that had arrived intact I would have given a higher rating.

Karen L.
Snickerdoodles? Love them!

So glad you have this cookie (and a few others) for those of us who can't eat peanuts and chocolate. Kudos to you for making delicious cookies for restricted diets!

Cookies missing I have eaten some but not all of them almond cookie missing from the bag one coo...

Open the almond cookies 🍪 only one cookie and a crumb bite off another did someone eat it.not 2 but one in the bag and the bag was not open that shock me.

The Ultimate Variety Bundle
good, but

Tastes good. One cookie 100 calories. Yet, costly and overpackaged. Nine quarter-half dollar size cookies per box. Hard to 'feel' good about great ingredients that count on the earth, when various resources are overused in their packaging. Although, tray is technically recyclable that would depend on local conditions. Best to eliminate such packaging,

I've only opened one box but didn't like what I tasted. I will use these to kill my appetite for sweets. One cookie and I'm done until the next craving for sweets.

Chocolate Chip
Alyssa M.
Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookie

The crispy chocolate chip cookies are so so good! They are light and perfect!!

Awesome Cookies for Breakfast/Snacking

These are arguably the healthiest soft-baked cookies I've had. The chocolate flavors are the best!

Pick your favorites Bundle?

I would like to be able to pick and bundle the ones I like the most. I like them all, but if I had a choice, I would not pick 2 of the 5 types that are put in the bundle.

Love them

Didn't leave an after taste, love that they are individually wrapped. Ingredients that are good for you. Buying again.

Variety box

I bought the maxines heavenly variety box. The only thing I didn't like is that I didn't buy 2. My forever cookie, every single box delicious

Thin and Crispy- Can't beat it!

I really do like a crispy cookie. The only complaint I have is that there aren't more varieties. I would really like to see a thin and crispy sugar cookie, and a thin and crispy peanut butter cookie, and a thin and crispy oatmeal raisin - well you get the idea.

Tasty soft cookies

After trying the peanut butter chocolate cookies from our local coop I was excited to get the variety bundle! I love all the flavors. This is a fantastic brand of cookies for picky eaters like my husband and I. The variety bundle was a great value, but I will say the cookies arrived somewhat disheveled and broken up from shipping - not that it affected the flavor.

A Gift From The Heavens Above

Yes these cookies are heavenly addicting as I have ordered this product numerous times now. Great taste that is not overpowering. Moist and chewy, easy to eat. Made from coconut sugar, well you sure can not tell as there is definitely no taste of coconut at all. Made from natural ingredients with carbs and sugar well with in tolerance level
for most.

Crispy Cookies

Excellent…hoping to see them soon at local grocery stores.


Ate a whole box in 1 day! I try to control my sweets. IMPOSSIBLE with these! I had my sister take the other boxes home with her and told to bring over 2 packs a week. Yes, it's that serious.😂

Mint chocolate chunk

These cookies are soo good I love all your products just some better than others 😋 😍

Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin (Grab & Go)