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Still Tasty

After trying out each box in the new formula bundle I am very pleased that the flavor is still as delicious as I remember, however the reason for the non-five star review is because something in this new formula caused a reaction in my throat. Not anaphylaxis to be clear, I was okay after drinking water and leaving the rest of the cookies to my hubby (who greatly enjoyed every one of these cookies!). Also, the cookies are now smaller than I remember. The individual wrappers are cute, but not eco-friendly. If the individual wrappers were able to be recycled with Terracycle (or another company of this type) then I would be more persuaded to buy more. Still worth a try for those looking for tasty cookies!

So good


They're good, but not as good as the original formula

New recipe is not bad, but these do leave an aftertaste in your mouth that previous recipe did not. I doubt infrequent consumers would be able to tell the difference. As someone who eats the PB flavor daily, the new ones have a slightly different texture and do stick in your teeth. Original formula seemed to have a creaminess that is missing in this one. These are small critiques and not deal-breakers. With that said, this recipe I feel is a downgrade from the previous recipe, which has been a staple of your product offering.

Cinnamon oatmeal

Loved them. Sweetness just right. The grains weren't so large they were hard to swallow, and nothing stuck my gums.

Great taste without the guilt 😄

Chocolate Chip
Cindy T.
Chocolate chip

It my favorite

Chocolate Chip
Karen H.

I absolutely love these cookies! They’re the perfect size, and the fact that just two cookies come in each foil pack keeps them very fresh. Clean ingredients! Try them…your tastebuds will thank you!!

New Chocolate Chip Cookie Formula

Very tasty and super crunchy just like I like them. The old formula is good too though! Yummy!


I am soooo glad for this new formula! These cookies taste great; much better than before. I do like the individual packets; great as travel snacks. I purchased the bundle and like each and every one.! More please!! :-)

Delicious Cookies!

All of the cookies in the this New Formula Bundle are delicious. I didn't think they could make their cookies taste any better but they have. I love everything about them. I don't feel guilty eating them since they are healthy for cookies and have clean ingredients. It is wonderful to find cookies that have less sugar and no cane sugar at all and have organic ingredients. I will keep buying them and enjoying them! I highly recommend all flavors.

Chocolate Chip

Oh my goodness, the crunchy chocolate chip cookie exceeded my expectations. I had to share, because I could have eaten the entire box in one day.

I’m Conflicted…

This whole pre-packed two cookie thing isn’t a win in my opinion. At least half of the cookies I received when I bought the new formula bundle are broken and/or smashed together, there’s large gobs of chocolate smeared on the packaging/no longer in the cookies, and let’s be clear…saying there are now “more cookies in each box” doesn’t count when it’s because they’re smaller cookies than they used to be. I much prefer the bigger cookies and not having them in the two-packs. My dietary restrictions, however, love the new recipes. Glad to have a delicious option that’s also safe for my overly complicated gut.

new formulas

These are a welcome change...the flavors while beautiful before are really great now. The prior recipe was a bit complex for most and certainly for children. These strike at tradition and the associations with a flavor most loved by generations. Talk about "comfort food", I have to limit myself to two per day, even so the ingredients CANNOT get better for health or purity.

Had high hopes but prefer original!

I LOVE Maxine’s and my heart hurts leaving a review less than 5 stars. I was looking forward to the new formula, and unfortunately, it just didn’t do it for me. I am a chocolate chip cookie mega fan and the original recipe is one of my favorite cookies. The new one was a little too grainy, it didn’t have the same flavor, and I feel like the number of chocolate chunks wasn’t there either. I do appreciate that we get more cookies per box though!

Great snack

I especially like the individual packaging.

I like them both (old and new formula)

I like both the old and new formula, but they DO taste different. This new formula is definitely missing the Ginger, Allspice, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Cardamom. If you liked the old formula, just keep in mind that the new formula is CINNAMON ONLY. The new formula is also a bit thicker and not as crisp as the old formula. Overall, it's a good cookie.... IF YOU REMEMBER THAT IT IS NOT THE OLD COOKIE RECIPE!

Soft and wonderful taste. Will order again


I liked the original version but these are just as good- maybe better. Definitely delicious even through it’s healthy!

Original is better

I’m a Maxine’s superfan but the original recipe is far better. I like the new packaging and extra cookies, but I wouldn’t purchase this blend again. It’s bland and nothing special. Tastes like a health cookie. However, the original of this flavor are the best cookies in the world and taste decadent even though they are healthier.

Paulette C.


Too much date

I have only tried the peanut butter new recipe cookies. They don’t taste like peanut butter just dates. Maybe it needs more peanut butter? These definitely aren’t my cup of tea. I really liked the old recipe which tasted like peanut butter.

Great taste and love the crunch!

One of the best GF cookies I’ve eaten to date. I will be ordering again and again. 🙂

Absolutely delicious

Seriously guys, this is the BEST cookie I’ve had in years! Not only are they delicious, they are gluten and dairy free with ZERO refined sugars. I’ll be ordering more very soon!


We love every single bite of the new formula bundle! Some have already disappeared! :-)


Can’t eat just one!