Celebrate National Cookie Day on December 4th

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December 4th is national cookie day, the perfect occasion to celebrate your sweet tooth. Wondering how this day got its start, or how to celebrate it? We dive into all of that below, and also give some tips on how you can enjoy eating guilt-free cookies every day, not just on national cookie day. Plus, we reveal a special, limited-time gift just for you.

What Is National Cookie Day?

Cookies have been enjoyed for centuries, but National Cookie Day didn’t come around until a bit later: 1976. It was actually first featured on Sesame Street’s calendar.

Then, in 1987, Matt Nader, a founder of the Blue Chip Cookie Company, officially declared December 4th to be National Cookie Day. 

Today, National Cookie Day remains a popular celebration of everyone’s favorite baked good. 

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How to Celebrate National Cookie Day

Obviously, there’s no better way to celebrate national cookie day than by enjoying delicious cookies! Since it falls right at the beginning of December, National Cookie Day is a great time to start enjoying the classic holiday cookies we all know and love. 

Spice up your life with gingerbread or pumpkin pecan cookies. Or enjoy the contrast of fudgy chocolate and crisp, refreshing peppermint with chocolate peppermint candy cane cookies.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cooking and baking during the holiday season, but the good news is you can easily celebrate National Cookie Day with delicious store-bought cookies. Maxine’s Heavenly cookies have the soft homemade taste you love, but also have the convenience of being available in stores nationwide. 

You can also celebrate National Cookie Day by giving the gift of cookies to friends and loved ones. One way to do this is by giving cookie gift boxes or baskets. Cookie gift baskets make the perfect gift for any time of year because they are versatile, delicious, and beloved by all. You can read more about why cookie gift baskets make such a great gift in our recent blog.

A Special Gift For You On National Cookie Day

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Cookie Day, we have a special gift we want to share with you. Maxine’s Heavenly is hosting a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deal site-wide for just 2 days.

To celebrate and save on your favorite cookies, simply use code COOKIEDAY at checkout by December 5th at midnight.

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Guilt-Free Cookies You Can Enjoy Eating Every Day

In closing, we just want to offer a friendly reminder that no one should have to wait until National Cookie Day to enjoy delicious cookies. When you choose guilt-free cookies that are sweetened by nature, there’s no need to wait for special occasions to treat your sweet tooth right.

The key to enjoying cookies more regularly is to simply opt for wholesome, guilt-free cookies that you can always feel good about eating. Instead of refined sugars, these cookies use natural ingredients and, most importantly, natural sugars. That’s why all of our cookies are sweetened with simple, natural alternatives like coconut sugars and dates. 

You can read more about the benefits of our natural sweeteners or get the full scoop on sugar in our free ebook.

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