Certification Matters: Cruelty-Free Cookies


Advertising can be confusing. It’s very easy for a company to use terms like “the best”, “scientifically proven”, and “good for your heart” when those things are not exactly true. In some cases, they can be downright lies. Remember VW’s “clean” diesel fuel car that wasn’t clean at all.

When it came to proclaiming our cookies vegan and cruelty-free, we didn’t want there to be any room left for interpretation. So we went the extra mile to get them certified as vegan.

no dairy

The Vegan Awareness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, administers the Certified Vegan logo to business that have passed a series of tests to prove that their products are animal free. Approved products must:

  • not contain meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products (including silk or dyes from insects), eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products.
  • involve no animal testing of ingredients or finished product by supplier, producer, manufacturer or independent party.
  • provide supplier verification that animal products were not used in the manufacturing of ingredients.
  • contain no known animal-derived GMOs or genes used to manufacture ingredients or finished products.

Most of the food that declares itself vegan actually is, but a certification proves it. For us, certification shows that we agree to abide by a required standard and do our part to prove to our community that we aren’t just saying something, but are holding ourselves accountable for the claims we use to connect to members of our community.

Maxine’s Heavenly is one of just 790 companies (at the time of writing) to certify our products as vegan.

There is a cost associated with the certification, which is perhaps why some companies don’t bother to get certified. But we felt it was important to prove our commitment to creating animal-free, cruelty-free cookies that you can feel good about eating.

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