How To Create a Beautiful Vegan Cheeseboard with Chelsea of The Dancer's Pantry

Everyone knows that the best part of any party is the food. 

If you're looking to level up your parties, you've likely spent some time on Instagram or Pinterest and seen beautiful grazing boards like the ones that Chelsea Farrah creates through her company, The Dancer's Pantry

You might ask yourself how you could ever create a beautiful cheesboard like Chelsea's. We asked ourselves the same thing, and went straight to the source to find out how!

vegan cheeseboard

Chelsea, your vegan boards are beyond beautiful. How do you come up with the designs for them?

Nature and the changing of the seasons really inspire almost every board that I create.

I love creating a mood and/or a feeling with my work that is reflective of what is happening around us in the natural world. The colors of each season in both produce and the edible flowers I use help to influence the overall design of each creation. 

How would one even begin to design a cheeseboard like yours? 

To create an artistic cheeseboard you have to have a few basic techniques down (specifically knife skills), to successfully and artfully cut each type of cheese in a way that is physically and visually approachable.
If you're a beginner, go for more simple cuts, so that they look more uniform and cohesive. To pack everything in tight, it's important to understand and play with negative space. Creating different shapes on the board allows you to fill them in at the end with smaller items (like nuts, berries, edible flowers, etc).
Be artistic and have fun with it! If you don't like how something looks... Change it! Nothing is set in stone on a cheeseboard. Give yourself creative freedom to make adjustments as you go!
Knives and creativity. Got it. What about ingredients? What are your favorite items to include in a sweet board? And a savory board?
My favorite item to include on a sweet board would definitely be milk and dark chocolate covered almonds. 
My favorite item to include on a savory board would be a coarse ground mustard. 
Check out the vegan harvest board Chelsea made for us using Maxine's Heavenly cookies:
Have you created a board of your own using our cookies? Snap a pic and share it with us @maxinesheavenly!

Check out more of Chelsea's work on her Instagram @thedancers_pantry or hire her for your parties (she's based in Sacramento, CA) by visiting The Dancer's Pantry.


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