Maxine's Heavenly named a Good Food Champion!

We’re proud to announce that Maxine’s Heavenly was recently named a “Good Food Champion” by City Councilman Paul Koretz! On October 24th, the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) hosted their 8th annual “Food Day,” an event designed to promote healthy, affordable, sustainable food, and bring awareness to local food issues such as health, hunger, worker justice, animal welfare and the environment.

As part of the occasion, the Los Angeles City Council honored 15 Good Food Champions in Los Angeles, one for each council district — companies that are making a difference by promoting the good food agenda. Many of the honorees were small, locally-owned businesses active in their communities, and we were so happy to be included.

In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder Robert Petrarca, “We’re committed to building a triple bottom line business. Because we’re a small company, our financial resources are limited, but we know we can still make a positive impact on our community. We connected with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to see how we could be of assistance using resources we did have like time, knowledge, and passion. We are humbled by the work they do, and we’re excited by the possibilities for deeper impact as we continue to grow.”

We’ve been working to raise awareness of LAFPC and together we are building the Healthy Snack Coalition, a program that would bring more nutritional snacks to corner markets in areas where healthier foods aren’t often available or affordable.

Maxine's Heavenly good food champions


The Los Angeles Food Policy Council mission is to “ensure food is healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable for all.” Maxine’s Heavenly is thrilled to continue our collaboration with LAFPC, as our principles fall perfectly in line with theirs.

Learn more about our work with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council

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