Maxine’s Heavenly Demonstrates Commitment to Environmental Improvement With Switch to Sustainable Packaging

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New 7.2 oz boxes set the stage for continued progress toward fully sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Los Angeles, CA: Maxine’s Heavenly, a Los Angeles-based company that makes delicious, homemade-style cookies for the sugar-conscious consumer, has changed their packaging from a 7.2 oz pouches to more eco-friendly 7.2 oz. boxes. 

Health Conscious and Environmentally Conscious Cookies 

Not only are the new boxes recyclable, but the tray that will hold the cookies are made from recycled plastics and will be one hundred percent recyclable. In addition, the boxes will be printed using plant-based inks. 

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This is a big upgrade from the 7.2 oz. pouches, which use multiple layers of non-recyclable plastic to keep the cookies fresh. Sustainable packaging is a big problem for the CPG industry, and Maxine’s Heavenly has worked hard to create a natural product that stays fresh without using preservatives and harmful packaging. 

“We’re really excited for this significant step toward a more sustainable future for our brand,” said CEO Robert Petrarca. “It’s really best for everyone. As a homemade-style product, the cookies are very soft, moist, and fresh. Having them protected in trays means the consumer gets the best product possible. And even better, the boxes allow us a clearer path and significant first step toward fully sustainable packaging in the future.

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“I’m thrilled to be spearheading this switch to more environmentally-friendly packaging,” added Director of Operations, Joseph Salvatore. “I look forward to more changes like this in the future, as sustainability is a top priority for us. We love that we’re able to provide our customers with products they can feel good about—both nutritionally and environmentally.” 

The new boxes are available via now and will begin making their way to grocery stores throughout the first half of 2022. While the new packaging will result in a new look, the product itself will remain the same.  

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About Maxine’s Heavenly: Maxine’s Heavenly makes delicious, homemade-style cookies that are Sweetened By Nature with dates and coconut sugar.

Inspired by our mom’s beloved cookie recipe, Maxine’s Heavenly was born out of a desire to provide consumers with great tasting, wholesome, cookies that remind them of mom, but with healthier ingredients, less sugar and way less guilt. The company’s cookies are available in the following varieties for an MSRP of $6.99: Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Almond Chocolate Chunk, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, Walnut Banana Bread, and Snickerdoodle. To learn more about Maxine’s Heavenly, please visit our home page or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or TikTok

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