Dairy Free Cookies

Maxine's Heavenly delicious, homemade-style cookies are dairy free! These cookies taste like home, even without the milk and butter.

Tasty and Wholesome Non-Dairy Cookies

Whether you're allergic to dairy products, you're a vegan or you have a loved one who doesn't do dairy, you know how challenging it can be to find a cookie that contains no milk or eggs, doesn't use highly refined sugars AND tastes terrific. Well, the search is over – welcome to Maxine's Heavenly non-dairy cookies! We've accomplished all of this and so much more. Maxine's Heavenly has the best dairy-free cookies to buy for your friends and family. Explore all the flavors and grab a bag or two (or a few dozen to share) today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Maxine's Dairy-Free Cookies So Heavenly?

When it comes to dairy-free cookies, brands like Maxine's Heavenly are hard to come by. We start with fresh, wholesome ingredients. And while your mom might not be familiar with everything that goes into our non-dairy cookies, she would certainly approve. We start with gluten-free oat blend and white rice flour as a base, sweeten things up with organic coconut sugar (and other sugars sweetened by nature) and include even more healthy ingredients like flaxseed and cinnamon. We also use sustainable palm fruit oil.

What Makes Maxine's Heavenly Better Than Other Dairy-Free Store-Bought Cookies?

In addition to fresh ingredients, it's the careful attention to detail that sets Maxine's Heavenly Cookies apart from the rest. Maxine was a real person – a seasoned baker who experimented with flavors and ingredients. Her cookies were more than dessert; they were the perfect ending to family gatherings and celebrations. To make non-dairy cookies, brands often load them up with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients, but we chose a different path. We took the beloved recipes that Maxine created and began to substitute her ingredients for healthier alternatives. We did this one step at a time to ensure we preserved the flavor while making better-for-you dairy-free cookies that are guilt-free.

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Treat yourself and your favorite people to non-dairy cookies baked the way Mother Nature intended. You can buy the fresh, wholesome and delicious flavors you crave right here, including:

We want to be one of the best dairy-free cookie brands on the market — and we encourage you to try all of our healthy cookies to see the difference. Purchase your Maxine's Heavenly dairy-free cookies now and have them shipped to your door – or surprise someone you really, really like, and we'll send our tasty treats directly to them!


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Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are sweetened with natural, unrefined sugars.
These naturally delicious sugars are a great alternative to highly refined sweeteners.

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