10 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track

We’re very excited to share this blog from Shawnie Dockery of Fit with Finesse, a wellness community for women of color. 

With temperatures rising, it’s easy to get into the lazy days of summer and ease up on those healthy goals. Here are ten tips to keep your fitness from fizzling out!

#1 Define your “why?” and make it your mission

Write down why you are trying to get in shape and how it will improve your life. Keep a copy in your gym bag, post it on your bathroom mirror, and or put it anywhere you will see it daily. Read your mission when you are tempted to skip a workout or raid the refrigerator for that late-night snack.

#2 Dangle a few carrots (or cookies!)

Life is all about celebrating small wins. At the end of each week or month that you’ve stuck to your program, reward your successes with a healthy treat, maybe a massage, new running shoes, or my favorite, coconut ice cream between two Maxine’s Heavenly Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin cookies (Hello Summer!).

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#3 Plan.

Integrate your healthy habits into your day-to-day activity. Schedule your workout sessions and write them down on your calendar. Treat them as important appointments that can’t be missed because self-care is essential! Even if it’s a 10-minute walk after work, that time is valuable.

#4 Track your progress.

A workout journal can help you stay focused on your goals. For each sweat session, record the date, duration, what you did, and do a heart to check to see how you felt afterward. Remember, there are many ways to track progress besides losing weight; track your measurements, how your clothes fit, your endurance, and recovery.

#5 Do something active every day.

Life happens, and sometimes the best-laid plans change. So if you cannot fit in your fully scheduled workout, do a scaled back one. If you can’t make it to the gym, walk around the block or do a short yoga stretch before bed. It’s easier to stay on the wagon when you are active than to get back on after you’ve fallen off. Remember to keep moving!

#6 Be a problem solver.

Don’t let temporary setbacks like a time crunch or an injury derail you from your goals. Switch up your workout or try a new activity. Remember, it’s always ok to modify your workout. Be sure to check with your doctor if you are recovering from an injury.


#7 Think like a pro athlete.

Our favorite athletes stay focused on the end goal. Every choice matters from what they eat, when they sleep, and how they stay motivated through tough workouts. Prioritize your health and establish healthy boundaries to prevent other activities from taking over your gym time. Ask yourself “ What would Serena do?”

#8 Find your swolemate.

Having a reliable training partner makes it harder to blow off your work out. Plus the camaraderie and little competition make it a lot more fun. Friends who sweat together stay together.



#9 Believe that change is possible.

We all hit a low moment, but you are not destined to be out of shape forever! A set back is not the end of the world, and remember you always have control. You deserve to be happy. People who succeed believe that they have power and do the steps to make it happen.

#10 Have fun!

You have to like it if you’re going to stick with it! Try different workouts until you find the one that floats your boat. Love yoga? Try Aqua Yoga! Love Zumba? Try an African dance class. Boredom is the ultimate motivation killer!


Get more great tips from Shawnie at Fit With Finesse. 

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