Workout Like a Baby

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Have you ever taken an extended vacation from the gym, exercise or physical fitness all together?

We have all been there, life happens and self-care takes a back seat to children, work, and relationships. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for the short break to quickly turn into months and even years. Time passes, our bodies change and what worked for you a few years ago may not feel as beneficial. “Where do I start” is a common inhibitor often preventing gym goers from jumping back into a fitness regime, which can feel intimidating after time away.

I find a great place to jump back into safe movement is the beginning and I mean THE VERY BEGINNING.

It’s time to crawl like a baby and reclaim your most powerful state of fitness.

Before you laugh and stop reading, stay with me for a few more paragraphs of inspired science.

Outlined in the book “Original Strength” crawling like a baby is where our initial strength and movement patterns developed. Working to support the head so we can see what direction we are crawling lives at the base of all movement patterns. This forms strong neural connections between the limbs and the central control center of the brain. It also has a great influence on our energetic efficiency, our mood and ability to operate pain free.

The Original Strength hypothesis: by moving more and integrating the body using developmental movement patterns, the range of motion and strength you had as a kid will return.

original strength


Watch a child run around a living room dropping to the floor and throwing their little bodies around. Do you wince when you consider what your knees or back would feel like if you did that?

These developmental movement patterns can include crawling, rolling, and rocking, which are presented with easy and more difficult variations.

Here are a few examples:

The crawling pattern

Try crawling along the floor like a low crouching tiger. Moving forward opposite arm and leg, knees off the floor and supporting the head to see where you are headed.

Expert challenge: try going backwards…it’s really challenging!




ying on your belly, without pushing with your hands and legs try slowly rolling over to your back and then then returning to the start position. You can lead with an arm or a leg but no pushing on the floor.

Rocking Pattern

Laying on your back, pull your knees in towards your belly. Let the hands lightly grip or touch below the knee caps. Gently rock from tail bone to the base of the neck and massage the muscles and tendons along your spine. This is also a great core exercise to build strength in the mid-section.



rocking 2

I like my baby exercises done in the morning before I walk anywhere. It’s incredible how open my hips feel and the sense of alertness I feel post crawl.

This does not have to be your whole workout but it’s a great warm up and wonderful way to start your day. Workouts that begin with a crawling pattern prime the body for more complex strength movements. Consider that all the major joints are opened and lubricated by moving through the full range of motion and you are primed for most activities.

Whether you are 25 years old or 65 years young, if you are a human this is a great upgrade and addition to your daily regime. Think of it like brushing your teeth.

Only pay attention to the movement patterns you’d like to keep! Everyone can engage at their level of comfort and safe entry level. Remember, the floor is a very safe place to start your day from…it can only go up from there!

baby crawling

I can’t tell you how many people respond with enthusiastic reviews describing how well they feel from this practice. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of crawling and rolling around on the floor. Results may be an increased ability to get up off the floor, better resilience, dense muscle tissue and tighter abdominals.

Before starting any exercise program remember to first consult your doctor. The information in this site is not intended to replace medical advice. The purpose of all articles, insight and photography is to inspire you to make your own educated choices about health, fitness, and mindset. In that way, it is intended for educational purposes only. Claims about the health benefits of food, diet, and supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Freddie Kimmel is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed professional, and not providing health care. These ideas are simply here to supply you with fuel to grow your soul.


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