Cookie and Wine Pairings with Vinstinct

We love a good food and wine pairing, so we asked Chelsea from Vintinct to help us find the best wine pairings for our cookies. 

How To Pair Wine With Food

"Whenever you pair wine with food, you always want to consider how the flavors and even the texture of the food affect the wine," says Chelsea.

Much like pairing tea and cookies, you never want one to overpower the other. 

Pairing Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies With Wine

Our crispy Chocolate Chip cookies have a chocolate sweetness, and are light in texture, and of course, crispy. 

Chelsea suggests pairing it with Barefoot's Strawberry Fruitscato. Barefoot describes this wine as, "a blend of our deliciously sweet Moscato with natural flavors of juicy, sun-kissed strawberries."

The lightness and fresh berry notes best compliment the lightness of the cookie.. 

fruitscato and chocolate chip


Pairing Soft-Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies With Wine

Our Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookies are softer and more dense in texture than our crispies. They pair better with a more traditional dessert wine like Treleaven port-style wine.

port wine and chocolate cookies

Chelsea says, "The full viscosity and juicy fruit notes of this wine best suits the rich texture of these cookies.

Learn More About Wine

Chelsea created Vinstinct to make wine education easy! Head to to learn more about all things vino. 

Watch Chelsea's full video here:


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