LGBT-founded Consumer Goods Companies to Support During Pride and Always

LGBT founded brands

June is LGBT pride month, and to celebrate, we want to highlight other LGBT brands that you can support not just during pride month, but always. Below you’ll find over a dozen LGBT-founded companies making amazing products that help people embrace the joy of living life openly and being their authentic selves. We’ll spotlight some of their most popular products, and also highlight a few words about why celebrating pride matters to them. 

By the way, we’re doing a giveaway this month with many of these LGBTQ+ founded brands! Everyone who enters will get discount codes for these brands, so really, everyone wins!

Now let’s jump into 14 LGBT-founded CPG brands to support during pride and always:

14 Brands to Support During Pride and ALWAYS

Maxine's Heavenly makes homemade-style cookies that are sweetened by nature. We’re LGBT-founded, and our entire C-Suite is currently LGBT, as is roughly 30% of our entire staff. ur CEO also mentors several queer-owned brands. You can shop our delicious cookies here

Maxine's Heavenly LGBT

 Peanut Butter & Co. makes certified vegan peanut butter for peanut butter lovers. They are also 100% family-owned. You can check out their full line of peanut butter and other nut butters here.

LGBT brands
Dapper Boi is a gender-neutral, everyday clothing line for everyBODY. Their mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable, stylish clothes that fit both their body, and more importantly, their personality. Experience the future of fashion with their gender-neutral and size-inclusive apparel line.

We Are Fluide is a mission-driven beauty brand that creates vegan, cruelty-free makeup for him, her, them, everyone. They hope to inspire others to create their identities on their own terms, opening up possibilities for everyone’s self-expression. Explore their full line of cosmetics designed for all skin shades and gender expressions.

We are fluide LGBT makeup brand
INK MEETS PAPER believes in the timelessness of handwritten correspondence. Help make the world more human one card at a time, with their handcrafted greeting cards & paper goods, made by humans with big hearts.

LGBT company quotes

LGBT quote

Explorer Cold Brew is LGBTQ owned, and makes 100% all natural, organic, and fair trade convenient cold brew and chais for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Their brewing method results in a refreshing, delicious, and full-bodied cold brew that tastes great black or mixed with milk. Shop their cold brew and chai here.

explorer cold brew queer owned brand
pink House Alchemy was founded on a love of fun and flavor. Their farm-to-bottle syrups, bitters & shrubs are inspired by the perfect alchemical connections between roots, barks, fruits, herbs, and botanicals. Explore their syrups, bitters, and shrubs here

shrubs brand LGBT pink House alchemy
NONA Vegan provides delicious plant-based sauces that bring the comfort and nourishment of an Italian mama’s home cooking. Check out their authentic alfredo, carbonara, bolognese, and other vegan Italian sauces here

Pals Socks makes unique, deliriously fun socks that show how FUN it is to have a friend who is not exactly like you, and that you can go perfectly together. Favorites include: Donut & Ice Cream, T-Rex & Triceratops, Chips & Guac, and more! See how they’re creating a friendlier world here.

pals socks gay brand
So Gay Rosé is a queer-owned brand whose zero sugar rosé reclaims the phrase "So Gay" to be "So Great," embracing the joy that comes when you celebrate your most authentic self. Experience their light, crisp, and sparkling rosé here

so gay rose brand

Empower Bodycare is redefining daily wellness with seriously strong, ethically-sourced organic CBD products. Browse their full lineup of potent, concentrated formulas here.

empower bodycare LGBTQ company
Wnder is a naturally-flavored, CBD sparkling beverage infused with vitamins and adaptogens. Each sip is thoughtfully formulated to keep you energized, focused, and relaxed throughout the day. Find the perfect beverage for you here.

CBD drink queer brand
Vegan Sunday Supper is changing the world with plant-based Italian home cooking. We particularly love their ready to bake lasagna, made with carefully sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love.

vegan lasagna
Me-est Me Journal is a guided workbook for reconnecting with yourself. Perfect for anyone going through a major life transition, a recent break up or divorce, has recently moved to a new city or quit their job, or someone just needing to do some inner work.



Popular Brands You Might Be Surprised to Know are Queer-Founded

Madison Reed - This fast-growing hair company’s founder Amy Errett was featured on Fast Company's first-ever Queer 50 list of LGBTQ women and nonbinary innovators in business and tech in 2020.

BARK (parent company of Bark Box) - One of BARK’s founders, Carly Strife, is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, making the company queer-owned. Pride has internally been part of the company’s culture from the beginning.

Fabletics - Fabletics believes “everyone has the right to feel confident & comfortable in their own skin.” They regularly launch pride-inspired products to encourage self-love and support the LGBTQIA+ community.

GT’s Synergy Raw Kombucha - Greg Thomas Dave, known popularly as GT Dave, is openly gay and married to his longtime boyfriend-turned-partner/husband Allan Fanucchi. GT’s Living Foods is leading the fermented food revolution, and their raw kombucha is one of their flagship products. 

gt kombucha LGBT brand

Coolhaus - “Freya and I founded Coolhaus a decade ago because we wanted to make the creamiest, most innovative and most unique ice cream on the planet, but do it in an authentic way that celebrated who we are: millennials, women, and a gay couple.” - Natasha Case, Coolhaus Co-Founder. The brand now has an entire line of dairy-free ice cream

coolhaus LGBT

Living as an LGBT person can still be very challenging, even in 2022. Supporting LGBT-founded brands is one small way you can make a difference.

Happy Pride!


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