Healthy Snacks Your Kid Will Actually Eat

Let me guess - your kids are always hungry, but they never eat what you want them to eat. It’s the universal struggle of parents. Well, healthy food doesn’t have have to mean “diet” food, boring food, or food that tastes bad.

Here are a few ideas that your kids will love and you can feel good about:

Trail Mix

Nuts, seeds, berries, and even chocolate make these delicious and nutrient packed. Plus, there are tons of options so your kids will never get bored. Try to stay heavy on the nuts and seeds and light on the fruit and chocolate to keep it on the snack side instead of the dessert side. 


Your kids might think they’re getting a milkshake, but they’re secretly getting some of their daily greens. Here are a few that a great for kids. Remember that spinach is easy to mask with fruit and adding avocado is a great way to make your smoothie creamy!

Ants on a log

These have been a classic since we were kids, and with good reason. Veggies? Check. Protein? Check. A little sweetness? Check.

Traditionally, they’re made with peanut butter for the “log” and raisins for the “ant”, but you can mix that up and use a different nut butter, vegan yoghurt, or hummus, and swap out the raisins for blueberries, chocolate chips, or nuts. Check out some healthy variations here.

ants on a log

Fruit skewers

Put slices of fruit on a skewer or straw, and you’ve got a snack. You can even make them look like rainbows (and teach your kids about prisms), or rocket ships (and talk about space).

fruit skewers

Apple or veggie chips

Make your own, or buy easy pre-measured bags.

veggie chips

Bean Chips

Kids love chips. Heck, everyone loves chips. But the ingredients...yikes. We like Beanfields bean chips. They are also based in Los Angeles, and more importantly, they are delcious. Beanfields Pico De Gallo is better than Doritos any day. 


Soda water

Hydration is super important to health. If your kid is bored by tap water, try club soda (add lime for a refreshing kick) or Spindrift sparkling water made with real fruit. The bubbles make it seem fancy and exciting, and it's just as hydrating as still water


Maxine's Heavenly cookies

You can feel great about giving your kid our cookies, because they are made with the best ingredients, like gluten free oats. They are delicious, filling, and have less sugar than most cereals and bars. 

Maxine's Heavenly cookies

Remember that substitutions can make a big difference, too. Sweet potato fries instead of French fries, Cali’flour or Outer Aisle crust on a pizza. These things add up in a big way.

When you’re making a snack, let your kids help. For littles, this can help with dexterity, hand-eye-coordination, and even counting. For all kids, it’s great to spend this time together after school or any time, connecting over healthy food.

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