How to Actually Enjoy Mother's Day as a Mom

Mother’s Day is approaching, and we’ve seen the commercials. They’re pressuring us to buy gifts, plan elaborate thank-yous, and scour Pinterest for the most Instagrammable Mother’s Day possible.

For the busy moms out there, you hardly have time to get your own life together after taking care of your family, let alone make sure you plan a day that the world will retweet. So, how can you get the most out of this holiday- for yourself?  

Here are a few ideas to make your own Mother’s Day the best one yet:

Reconnect with your roots

Use the day to focus on your family: Disconnect from social media and be in the moment with them. Take some time to reflect together and tell stories and anecdotes about your shared history.

You don't have to do it like the old days when they huddled around the fire...but it's really not a bad idea! Gather anywhere that you can easily avoid the lure of screens...around the dinner table, on the porch, at a park, anywhere you can relax and get lost in the enjoyment of being surrounded by the people you love most. 

reconnect with family

Go on a Date

If a day with the kids sound overwhelming, use this day to do the opposite. When is the last time you were able to spend time with your SO alone, without your kids? Remember... Mother's Day means doing what Mother wants!

go on a date

Focus on Self Care

Everyone says being a mom is hard, but hard doesn't really cover all the things that motherhood is. It's joyous and suprising. It's overwhelming, it's tiring, and sometimes depressing. A lot of mom's put their mental and physical needs on the backburner, so this holiday is great for resetting and getting what you need. Seep in, go to a yoga class, take a walk, get a massage. Whatever makes you happy! 

get a massage

Lighten your List

The dreaded list. We all have one, whether it's written down or not. And we all have that one item that just keeps not getting done. Use Mother's Day to focus on taking it off your list. It will not only lighten your list, but it will lighten your emotional load! 

to do list

Pamper yourself

Take some Maxine’s Heavenly cookies and a good book or your favorite podcast, and take some time for yourself. That can be a bubble bath, walking in your favorite park, or the relaxing on back porch. Let the world wait a while.


    The number one thing you can do is be communicative: Tell your family what you want. Dinner at home? Go to a movie? A family hike? It’s ok to ask for what you want, and it works a lot better than hoping they guess correctly.

    Maxine’s Heavenly was named after our founder’s mom, so we love to honor moms. We hope you’ll take the time this Mother’s Day to honor yourself as well as the other moms in your life.  

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