Healthy Swaps for Delicious and Nutritious Meals

The difference between healthy eating and unhealthy eating can be making little changes here and there- little changes that really add up. Here at Maxine’s, we’re experts at the swap. Swapping out unhealthy things for healthier alternatives and ...voilà! Still delicious, and your body will thank you.

Here are some of the best ways to substitute better ingredients for everyday meals. 

Applesauce for Oil. When baking a cake or brownies, substitute half of the oil called for in a recipe with applesauce. 

applesauce for oil healthy swaps

Lose the white pasta, rice, and flour. Instead of white rice, switch to brown. You’ll get more fiber and nutrients, which also make it more filling. Switching to multigrain or whole wheat pasta can also mean adding omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Whole wheat flour will increase fiber, too. 

brown rice for white rice healthy swap

Wraps over Sandwiches. Instead of dense bread, make your sandwiches on a wrap or tortilla. Speaking of tortillas, corn is a whole grain unlike white flour. If you choose corn, you’ll get more fiber and antioxidants and fewer calories and fat. 

wrap for bread healthy swaps

Watch your seasonings. Salt and salt-based herbs add unnecessary sodium to your diet. Instead, use fresh herbs and spices when possible. When it’s not, use dried. 

herbs for salt healthy swap

Skip the granola. Granola may seem like a healthy choice, but it is nearly always loaded with carbs. Instead, top your yogurt with nuts. If you find yourself missing the sweetness you get from your favorite granola, drizzle on a bit of maple syrup or honey (just a teaspoon or two). 

nuts and seeds for granola healthy swap

Ditch the mayo. Mayonnaise is full of fat and calories and, let’s face it, doesn’t add much to your sandwich. Instead, put hummus or avocado on your sandwich. You’ll get fewer fat and calories, more protein, and a punch of flavor. 

avocado or hummus for mayo healthy swap

Upgrade your chocolate. You don’t have to give up chocolate, but consider switching from milk chocolate to dark. It has been found to help lower blood sugar and decrease body fat, and it's much easier to get vegan chocolate if it's dark. 

dark chocolate for milk chocolate healthy swap

The most important to remember is to keep balance in your diet and enjoy all things in moderation. With a few healthy substitutions like these, though, you won’t feel like you’ll missing anything at all. You’ll be experts at swapping just like us in no time. 

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