The Best Vegan, Gluten Free Dishes for Your Fourth of July Party

Independence Day is right around the corner so it’s time to get those parties planned! So that everybody will have options to enjoy, you’ll want to have some vegan, gluten-free options available for your guests. 

So let's start with the obvious: meat. If you're at a mixed-company party, there will definitely be people wanting burgers and hot dogs. The good news is that clean meat companies have gotten very close to creating products that have the look, feel, and taste of real meat. The two big front-runners in this category are Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Both are vegan and gluten free. 

Not into faux-meat? How about smoky bbq black bean burgers (which you can make into sliders), like these? Another option for sliders? Chickpea salad.

Now that the big problem is solved, let's talk apps, snacks, and dessert. 

Apps & Snacks

If you’re looking for easy finger food, you can’t beat these tortilla roll-ups

vegan gluten free tortilla roll ups

How about Jalapeno Poppers that actually taste like jalapeño because they aren’t hiding behind all of that breading? Yum! 

Instead of wings, whip up some chipotle cauliflower buffalo bites and raw cashew ranch dip

vegan buffalo cauliflour bites

Instead of potato chips, try a healthier option like Terra vegetable chips or Beanfields bean chips. (The Maxine's team is OBSESSED with Beanfields. Our personal recommendation is the Pico De Gallo flavor for eating by itself or one of their plain chips with guac.)

Some things are so perfect, they require no modification. Things like black bean and corn salsa, which is naturally vegan and gluten free (and go well with the Beanfields...just sayin'.)

corn and black bean salsa vegan gluten free

Nobody will be missing a thing when they try these taquitos with creamy black bean filling.

vegan gluten free taquitos

Pasta salad is a must for outdoor bbqs, but they can be hard for the V/GF crowd. Try this Italian Pasta Salad full of yummy veggies and herbs instead.

vegan gluten free italian pasta


    For dessert? Duh. Maxine’s Heavenly ocokies. Delicious cookies with a low glycemic index are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. (Keep reading for how to use these delicious cookies into decadnet dessert recipes).

    Want to really please the crowd? Make a cookie bar. Lay out all of our flavors next to vegan whipped cream, vegan ice cream, chocolate spreads, fresh berries...get creative! 

    Looking to go a step further? We've created two great ways to use Maxine's Heavenly cookies: Chocolate Espresso Mousse with Cookie Crumble Crust and Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Rice Crispy Cookie Bars

    vegan gluten free mousse

    Celebrations are better when everyone can join in.

    Wishing you a happy,healthy, and yummy Independence Day!

    P.S. (Can you add a PS on a blog? Oh well, I just did) - If you're looking for some drinks to serve, you can never go wrong with Spindrift, which is great by itself or as a cocktail mixer) and kombucha. Which kombucha is best is a matter of personal taste, but the Maxine's Heavenly team likes Health-Ade, GTs, and Brew Dr.

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