Recipe for a Moment: A Father's Day Picnic

Did you know that 79% of dads say they like to bond with their children over food?

This year, forget the ties and the tools, and get your dad the gift of memories instead. 

Making Memories with Dad

Because we're still in the midst of a global pandemic, we suggest taking your dad for an afternoon picnic. Dads aren’t typically spoiled in the same way moms are, so kick things up a notch for this picnic. 

Here's how:

1. Find a cute space

"Cute" is not something that you normally equate a dad with wanting, but listen - who doesn't love a place with nice ambience? Male, female, non-binary— everyone loves being in a space that has that special something. 

What cute means to you and your dad can mean a lot of different things: a backyard with twinkly lights, a large open field, a spot on the beach. Choose a place that you will be comfortable in for several hours. 

Need some inspiration? Check out this article listing the best picnic spots in all 50 states

The space will do most of the work, but you can add to the moment with a nice blanket, a fancy picnic basket, and nice plates and utensils.

2. Send a formal invite!

You can handwrite a note, send an evite, or really go crazy and send a singing telegram! Whatever you decide, show dad that you’re pulling out all the stops and that you're looking forward to celebrating him!

3. Pack up dad's favorite foods

The sky is the limit when it comes to picnic food, but the real magic comes from having lots of things to choose from. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Epic sandwiches on fancy bread. There's nothing better than fancy bread. 
  • Crunchy, salty snacks. We like Beanfields, IWON Organics, crackers, popcorn, and chips. 
  • Veggies and dip. Cut up some veggies and pack some hummus for delicious, nutritious fun. 
  • Salads. Potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, heck - even real salads with actual green things! Salads are a picnic staple.
  • Finger foods. Mini pizzas, mini sandwiches, stuffed dates, skewers, etc. Finger foods are so lovely and we have so few reasons to eat them. Go crazy!
  • Beverages. You can't go wrong with a Spindrift. They have a variety of sparkling waters, teas, and lemonades. You may also consider some form of coffee drink or even an adult libation, if the location allows. 
  • Dessert. Every single flavor of Maxine's Heavenly cookies? Yes please. Make them extra special with an array of frostings and nut butters. 

Vegan cheesboard created by @thedancers_pantry

4. Have a great time!

Don't just eat and run. Enjoy the food! Talk about the meal and what you like best. Toss a ball around, take naps, play board games, read books, or even plan your next picnic! The goal is to spend quality time together.

Desserts for Dad

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