What's In a Name

“Oh, I shouldn’t.”

“No thanks, I’m trying to be good.”

“Oh I’d love to! But I can’t.”

Ask an adult if they’d like to try a cookie and you’ll likely get some variation of “I can’t because cookies are bad for me.”

What’s In a Name

The problem lies in the word cookie. I say cookie, they hear fat, sugar, butter, calories. To be fair, that’s what a lot of cookies are. But not all of them. And not Maxine’s Heavenly. Our cookies are made with whole grain oats, flaxseed, sunflower lecithin, nuts, and other nutritious ingredients.

If someone doesn’t want to try my cookies, that’s ok. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (although, omg I would die for a Pumpkin Pecan Spice cookie with some hot tea right now). But there’s a real problem when people aren’t thinking about what they are eating.

Salad = good
Cookie = bad
Low fat = healthy

…that’s not a smart way to live a healthy life. Because you can make a salad with iceberg lettuce, chunks of red meat, cheddar cheese, and ranch, and while it may taste good, it is not better for you than a Maxine’s Heavenly cookie.

Health vs Weight Loss

Listen, I’m not talking weight loss here. I’m taking putting nutritious, plant-based, chemical-free foods into your body. You can lose weight eating nothing but M&Ms, you just have to limit the amount that you eat. But to truly be healthy, you need to fill your body with nutrients.

Rethink How You Treat

Maxine’s Heavenly cookies were made because our founders wanted to eat cookies everyday, but they didn’t want to feel gross and sluggish. Someone people (giant arrow pointing to me) don’t feel right unless they have something a little sweet at the end of their meal. But sweet doesn’t have to mean empty calories.

Rethink how you treat your body. Put good things in! Those good things can be fruits and veggies, but they can also be desserts well.

Eat well today with Maxine’s Heavenly cookies!

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