September 29th is National Coffee Day!

National vs International


National Coffee Day is held annually on September 29th and is not to be confused with International Coffee Day which is held on October 1st.

National Coffee Day was started by the National Coffee Association, whereas International Coffee Day was created by International Coffee Organisation (ICO). I, for one, would love to see a fast-paced thriller based on these two orgs. Like a movie about the CIA and MI6, but with coffee. 

Anyhoo, the best way to celebrate is to make a mug and share it on social with the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay. Do it for the caffeine, do it for the gram...just do it. 

Delicious & Nutritious

Coffee Recipes


For those of you that don't love plain black coffee, there is good news: Coffee plays well with others. Below are a few recipes you can make to pump up your coffee with a little extra flavor and nutrition. 


(Vegan and gluten free)


This recipe from adds bananas and dates for some natural sweetness and uses almond milk (personally I'd switch that with oat milk) for some non-dairy creamy goodness. 

The result is a cruelty-free afternoon treat with added potassium, B6, Vitamin C, and fiber. 

mocha smoothie vegan



This latte from Happy Kitchen looks like a lot of work. But it also looks like it would be so worth the effort. The cashews and pumpkin puree mean added vitamins and minerals, and the spices mean added fall deliciousness. 

vegan pumpkin latte



This protein coffee smoothie from Veggies Don't Bite is a little untraditional. It has *gasp* spinach in it (boy do I love hiding vegetables in things) and you don't have to brew the coffee. Ground espresso will do the trick for this, as well as chia seeds for powerhouse nutrients and cinnamon and vanilla bean powder for flavor. 

protein coffee



If you're too busy to make your own, check out these locations which are offering free coffee on the big day


Know what goes well with coffee? Cookies!

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