What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day: 6 Unique Gift Ideas

Moms are some of the most devoted and giving people we have in our lives. However, we all know it can be difficult to find Mother’s Day gifts that really reflect the thought, love and care that we feel for them. 

That’s why we decided to change things up this coming Mother’s Day by going the extra mile and asking some of our favorite moms what they really wanted.

We ended up with an amazing list of creative and unique gift ideas, inspired from first-hand conversations with real moms about what they’d really like from you on Mother’s Day.

Read on for our best ideas!

Our 6 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Idea #1: Quiet & Alone Time

Everyone knows being a mom is a full time job. So even though moms love their kids, sometimes the best Mother’s Day gift you can give is peace, quiet, and alone time.

Whether this means a weekend getaway or simply hiring a babysitter for a full day, there are many ways to reward the mom in your life by carving out a way for her to take some much-needed time to herself. 

When we asked moms what they wanted for Mother's Day, time away from kids was the #1 answer:

  • “A week long all inclusive kid free vacay! #burntout” - Kate
  • “A week without my kids. Lol.” - Jessica
  • “Mama needs a timeout!” - Lilly
  • “To be left alone! Barring that, a silent retreat.” - Clementine
  • “48 hours away.” - Megan

moms want alone time

Idea #2: Adult Company

Even though moms may want a break from their kids, they don’t necessarily want to be completely alone either. Moms - especially moms of very young kids - often spend a lot of their time having conversations with children. Kids are great, but as you can imagine, only talking to children can be tiring after a while!

Sometimes a gift for the mom in your life can be as simple as scheduling some time for her and her girlfriends. This could take a lot of forms - but one idea we heard several times from our friends below is a spa day with girlfriends.

  • “Time with girlfriends.” - Rachael
  • “Spa day with a girlfriend.” - Lori
  • “Kid free time!” - Stephanie

mom's want adult comany for mother's day

Idea #3: Comfort & Self-care

Self-care is the foundation of anxiety management, and oftentimes women don’t get enough free time to invest in it. Anything that provides comfort or relieves stress makes for a great Mother’s Day gift!

Think massages, or cozy slippers, robes, or pajamas. Even something as simple as taking care of some task that may usually fall on Mom (dishes, cleaning, homemade dinner), and taking it off her hands is a comforting way to show you care.

Our moms made it clear that they would love the gift of self-care:

  • “Massage certificate.” - Chrystal
  • “A massage and a facial.” - Shannon
  • “I know this is probably so lame but….cozy house slippers.” - Julia
  • “A day without having to make one decision, a family walk or other chill activity, a simple homemade meal by my guys with a bottle of my favorite wine. Heaven.” - Amy

moms want self care for mother's day

Idea #4: Good Food

Moms are often the chefs in the family. Give mom the night off (or a few nights off) by cooking up something amazing. If she has favorite foods or recipes (or wines) these can be a particularly nice touch too. 

Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself. For example, for dessert, you could all enjoy homemade-style cookies without the hassle and in a wide variety of flavors right here at Maxine’s Heavenly.

And remember, having to decide what to eat is one of the hardest parts of cooking. Don't ask mom what she wants to eat, just make sure it's delicious!

  • “Sleep. And quiet. And to be fed amazing food.” - Carlin
  • "A delicious meal I didn't have to think about or make." - Amber

moms want good food for mother's day

Idea #5: Memories

When it comes to gift-giving, it really is the thought that counts!

Give your mom something of sentimental value, that reminds her of a special time, place, or event.

A gift that reminds her of her family is another great option. This can be anything from a tree to a digital picture frame for displaying family photos. 

Here's what our moms said:

  • “Something meaningful that represents my children.” - Keshama
  • “A wireless/Bluetooth photo scanner so I could digitize all of my family photos.” - Jennifer
  • “I got a Weeping Cherry Tree one year. I love it. It's the gift that keeps on giving and giving.” - Gerry

get something thoughtful for mom this mother's day

Idea #6: Something Unique to Them & Their Projects/Interests

Moms usually have a project they’re working on or a hobby they really enjoy, be it scrapbooking, decorating, crocheting, or something entirely different. 

So whether the mom in your life is investing in making a nice outdoor space or is really into murder mystery books - get her something that shows you’ve really paid attention to her interests and who she is as a human being (not just the person responsible for your health and well-being).

Our moms loved the idea of getting something specific to them:

  • “My older sister asked her husband and sons for a chainsaw one year, and they got it for her! ” - Vera
  • “Home improvement item (firepit or furniture).” - Lori

mother's want to partake in their hobbies

Special Addition For New Moms: The Gift of Support

Each year, many women are celebrating Mother's Day for the very first time! We asked Dr. Carlin Reaume, OTD, OTR/L, PMH-C, PCES, owner of Supported Mama about the best way to celebrate new moms:

"The hard parts of motherhood aren’t always openly shared. I work with a lot of new moms who feel generally overwhelmed and alone in their experience of not loving every moment. Instead of saying 'Let me know how I can help!' try asking a more specific question like, 'Would you like me wash the bottles or make you some tea? Would you like a hug or would you like some uninterrupted time for a phone call with your friend?' 

If you are looking for even more creative ways to support a new mother during this significant time of transition, consider gifting them a session with a postpartum doula, sleep consultant, lactation consultant, or pelvic floor therapist."

Bottom Line

Whether it’s alone time, good food, massages, memories, or even chainsaws, we hope you found something unique on this list that you can give to the amazing mothers in your life!

We’d like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, from all of us here at Maxine’s Heavenly. 


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