8 Ways To Support Small Businesses Right Now

During this pandemic, many small businesses will suffer and many will close. As a consumer, there are a few things you can do to help those brands.

1. Buy online.

At the moment, mail and delivery services are still working, so you can still get many of your favorite products online. Even brick and mortar stores may offer their merchandise online, so it's worth checking their website.

Please be patient with delivery times. Everyone is working as hard as they can to provide you great customer service. 

2. Skip the discount code (if you can).

Many businesses are offering discounts to promote sales. If you are able to forgo the discount, please do. This will help increase their margins, and keep their business stable longer.

If the only way you will purchase is by using the discount code, go ahead and use it without guilt. 

3.Tell your friends about your favorite small business on social media.

Let everyone know about that tiny coffee shop you frequent or *ahem* your favorite cookie brand. Word of mouth is the best way for small brands to grow. True passion and excitement about a product cannot be beat!

4. Create IGTV and Instagram stories about the products.

Showing is better than telling - let everyone see what's so great about your favorite place or product. You don't have to have the last name Kardashian to have influence on others.

5. Write reviews!

On Amazon, the brand's website, Yelp - all the places people might look to learn more. Most consumers read reviews before they buy, and you can help them make an informed decision. In fact, according to a study by Podium, a whopping 93% of consumers say reviews make an impact on their decision. That means your review can really help or hurt a business. 

6. Buy your groceries from corner markets.

Even on lockdown you need TP and food, so try visiting an independent store for your wares. They might not have exactly everything you're looking for, but you also might find some new, interesting products.

At the moment, sales at Big box stores are doing well. But if that dried up, they will have an easier time bouncing back.

7. Buy gift cards at the places that you can't visit right now.

Your salon, your nail place, your favorite coffee shop...many of these places will be closed for weeks or maybe even months. Get a gift certificate to be used at a later date when it's safe to be in public again. Some stores will allow you to come in and get one in person, but try calling or going online first to be as safe as possible.

8. Donate to your favorite cause.

Nonprofits are businesses too! Give today to keep their operations running and their staff employed. 

And remember, nonprofits come in a lot of forms. There are lots of health-related nonprofits that might get a lot of attention right now, but lots of programs are 501(c)(3)s as well, like churches, afterschool programs, youth sports teams, and more. 

Some of you are hurting just as much as these small businesses and aren't able to support financially - and that's ok! But if you have the means to be generous, now is a good time to show that generosity.

Be safe, be well, and stay strong!


If you're looking for activities to keep you occupied while you're sheltering in place or resources to support you, check out our Quarantine Activities & Resources guide. 

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