Our 5 Best Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on the way, and you know what that means: chocolate, and lots of it. We all love chocolate, but today we want to explore some healthier ways to indulge on Valentine’s day. Don’t worry though, these gift ideas won’t leave your sweet tooth hanging either. You can truly get and give the best of both worlds (health and sweets) with these five healthy valentine’s day gifts.

5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Experiences are priceless, and one of the best Valentine’s Day experiences can be cooking together. The great thing about cooking is that it also allows you to create healthy alternatives to your favorite desserts. 

Case in point: this raw chocolate cheesecake. Something this healthy and delicious would be difficult to find by going out to any given restaurant. The cheesecake incorporates cashews instead of dairy, and even uses a cup of vegetables (can you guess which vegetable?). The end result is so creamy and chocolatey you’d never suspect all the healthy ingredients!

This chocolate cheesecake is dairy free, grain-free, and rich in selenium, magnesium, zinc, and heart-healthy coconut oil. Plus, it’s just fun to make! Especially with your valentine.

You can explore the full recipe here.

2. Cooking Classes

Speaking of cooking together, what about taking a cooking class to improve your skills and learn how to prepare new dishes? Cooking is a great way to bond with your significant other and learn something new. 

This gift could even grow into a habit of cooking dinner together after work each day. Or perhaps you start a new tradition of preparing a certain dish every Valentine’s Day. Either way, cooking classes are a great gift for healthy eaters and food lovers.

Maybe you could cook up a Chocolate Berry Pudding Parfait for Two featuring Maxine's Heavenly cookies!

vegan date night dessert

3. Spa Day or Massage Session

Give the gift of soothing relaxation with a couples trip to the spa. Massages have been shown to lower stress, relieve blood pressure, and improve mood. This makes the all-day spa session an amazing and healthy Valentine’s gift. 

Relaxing and sensual, you’ll find that a massage allows you to connect with your mate at a much deeper level and promote rejuvenation. 

4. Essential Oils

Alternatively, you could bring a sense of relaxation into the home using the power of essential oils. Essential oils provide a wide array of benefits and come in many different scents, so there’s something to suit everyone. 

Essential oils are also a fun, healthy gift because you’ll find that they influence your mood in different ways. Citrus oils like lemon or orange are uplifting and energizing, and can even help with focus. Other scents like lavender or vanilla are renowned for their soothing and relaxing effects.

5. Cookies

Finally, you can always treat your special someone to wholesome homemade-style cookies, made to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. You can’t go wrong with Chocolate Chocolate Chunk (especially on Valentine’s day).

Valentine's Day cookies

Or, give the gift of variety with one of our Variety Bundles and explore exciting new flavors together, ranging from Snickerdoodle to Mint Chocolate Chunk

Either way, our cookies make the perfect convenient and delicious gift for healthy eaters on Valentine’s day.

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