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8 Ways To Support Small Businesses Right Now

During this pandemic, many small businesses will suffer and many will close. As a consumer, there are a few things you can do to help those brands. 1. Buy online. At the moment, mail and delivery services are still working, so you can still get many of your favorite products online. Even brick and mortar stores may offer their merchandise online, so it's worth checking their website. Please be patient with delivery times. Everyone is working as hard as they can to provide you great customer service.  2. Skip the discount code (if you can). Many businesses are offering discounts to promote sales. If you are able to forgo the discount, please do. This will help increase their margins, and...

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Keep Sane While You're In Quarantine

Hey, so, global pandemic. Brand new territory! Also brand new to a lot of folks? Staying in their homes for days and weeks on end.  Lots of people are creating lists for things - places to watch tv, museums to take a virtual tour of, classes for kids who are home from school. So we thought we'd compile them into one helpful place.  We've created a spreadsheet with activities to do for those who are bored and also some resources for people who need things like money, food, or extra work. It's not comprehensive, so feel free to add your suggestions in the community resources tab.  >> QUARANTINE ACTIVITIES & RESOURCES DOCUMENT <<  We hope you find it helpful in this stressful...

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